Many of our documents are private and under strict confidentiality. However, in some cases, it is in our clients’ interests to publish. Selected publications and Peira articles are available in the public domain for review and download as below:

Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) – Gigabit radio: Unlocking new opportunities with state of the art fixed and portable wireless access technology

Peira was engaged by a UK industry consortium to carry out an independent review of modern fixed wireless access equipment. We engaged with numerous equipment vendors and WISPs, assessing performance levels, cost structure, and investment cases, based on practical deployment scenarios. Results were published with agreement of our client, to support clarification on Gigabit-capable levels of performance.

Private and shared access 5G – Opportunities for enterprises based on practical deployment experience

Strategy is nothing without execution, and experience of 5G technology delivery is worth more than talk. Despite the now well-established hype around 5G mobile and now private 5G, there are some instances where private and shared access models can provide important value. In this paper, we provide some insights based on our own practical experience of developing commercial and technical strategy for p5G for a large enterprise, together with programme delivery.

Unlocking value through altnet M&A: Insights and strategies

As market shake-out in the UK altnet sector becomes increasingly evident, we examine the potential for value creation through M&A. We touch on the motivations of likely acquirers, the types of market players, the opportunities and challenges in value creation, some of the factors impacting valuations, and finally some practical considerations based on our experience of supporting clients in the sector.

Stay tuned. More relevant insight coming soon…