Our consulting services portfolio covers the full industry lifecycle: from strategy and policy development, to tech & commercial due diligence, telecoms regulation, system architecture design, radio spectrum management, technology procurement, performance improvement, and complex programme delivery and recovery.

Selected elements of our service portfolio are shown below. The list is not exhaustive, and additional details are available on request; please send us a message or just call us:

Private strategy, investment theses, business cases: effective strategy in the sector results when both commercial and technology domains come together. We have advised numerous telcos, altnets, vendors, and others with rigorous development of strategy, including robust technical analysis and financial modelling, capex management, together with executive team dialogue and alignments, development of strategic board papers, and decision support.

M&A and transactions advisory: we have supported telcos, vendors, and investors on M&A transactions, including detailed costs and revenues synergies analyses, acquisition and disposal strategies, operational carve-outs, cost-out, and valuation assessments.

Commercial & technical due diligence: one stop shop: we are able to provide deep capability in technical and commercial due diligence under one roof. We understand the nature and time criticality of the transactions space and we have supported many investors and C-suite industry clients with rigorous diligence assessments, including: for fund raising, M&A, capital release, risk reviews, and direct investment.

Market analysis, system requirements, and use case definitions: we have supported various enterprise and telco clients in the development of clear market and business growth strategies, together with definition of strategic objectives and well-defined use cases – supporting seamless technology solution developments.

Commercial model developments, deals, and negotiations: in complex innovative system designs such as with private and shared access 5G, numerous stakeholders may be involved (e.g. enterprises, B2B clients, multiple MNOs, vendors, systems integrators, regulator, government). We have advised on joint ventures, cost recovery, investment theses, and brokered deals as independent agents.

Emerging technologies, R&D, and process improvement: with our affiliation with The University of Surrey in the UK and others, we are directly engaged in R&D and the development of new emerging wireless technologies including 5G, 6G, Gigabit FWA, and others. We bring extensive experience in the commercialisation of R&D, with expertise in corporate roadmapping, industry-leading practice in demand management processes, investor engagement, and R&D funding and interventions.

Government policy development: we are experienced in working with governments at both central and local levels. In the UK, we have advised DSIT/DCMS on a range of initiatives including: Diversification / ORAN / Open Standards, 5GTT programme evaluation, and the 5G Rural First programme. Abroad, we have advised governments on national telecoms networks resilience and development programmes.

Radio spectrum management: we have advised numerous clients in radio spectrum related matters including: bespoke regulator negotiations supporting innovative allocations of radio spectrum, industry body representation, auction bid support, radio spectrum valuations, independent radio coverage and capacity planning assessments, radio system designs, gap funding bids support, satellite spectrum filings, regulatory consultations and dialogue for change, and allocations support.

Telecoms & digital regulation: we have advised numerous clients in responding to key regulatory developments and consultations, including the: UK wholesale fixed telecoms market review (WFTMR), UK wireless innovation through local licensing, UK future approach to mobile markets and spectrum, and founding telecoms regulations. For a major client in the Middle East, we supported development of new founding telecoms regulations.

Regulatory cost modelling: we have supported both telecoms regulators and fixed and mobile telcos in the development of complex regulatory cost models, including FAC, BU-LRIC, TD-LRIC, and LRAIC.

Complex procurement, supplier management, and RFx production: we are experienced in telecoms procurement, vendor management and negotiations, complex RFx development, and supplier selections. Independent boutique support can be invaluable; we’ve seen too many cases where suppliers and systems integrators promote solutions which are not directly in their customers’ best interests.

Resilience, technology systems design, and architecture development: with the continued march towards cloud, datacentres, and softwarisation, systems complexity is increasing, meaning that degrees of freedom in design are too, and so is the need for resilience. In short, the world is getting more complex, more software-enabled, and more fragile. These developments call for new thinking on reliability engineering and robust application of security solutions in networks estate and data systems.

Defence and security: we are experienced in supporting clients in these sectors.

Programme governance, risk management, delivery, and distress recovery: in some cases, big is not necessarily better. Whilst large complex programmes can require delivery partner (DP) models with sufficient resources, one of the key reasons for programme failure is divergence and loss of connectivity between strategic objectives and operational delivery teams. We know from our own proven experience that large multi-million pound / dollar programmes can be very effectively delivered using a small but highly experienced ‘SWAT’ team to orchestrate all resources and provide robust management across all programme work streams and phases. Quality of quantity applies.

Expert witness: we are experienced in working with numerous law firms, providing expert witness on telecoms and digital technologies cases.

Intellectual property & patents advisory: we have advised industry on FRAND and other IPR policies, and with patent portfolio / R&D valuations and counting engagements, inclusive of complex commercial and economic modelling.

Technology standards advisory: we have direct experience of working in major industry standards bodies including ITU and 3GPP, and are able to advise on the complexities and methods associated with taking new technologies into global standards development organisations (SDOs).