Our Values

Does the world need another consulting firm dedicated to the telecoms and digital sectors? At Peira, we think, absolutely, it does. Here are just some of the reasons why, and why we are unique:

The unique values of different consulting firms may not always be obvious, and often may be limited, unless some hard thinking has gone into forming them. They do however exist, and they will have critical bearing on your engagement and your project outcomes. Our values, the result of decades of experience in industry and consulting (and some hard thinking), are critical to us too and set the tone for our engagements with our clients:

Consulting and industry have changed. Covid brought virtual and hybrid working. Global connectivity and instant comms are driving up global competition. Economic cycles and instabilities are driving a critical need for commercial efficiencies and timely practical solutions. Virtual organisations are enabling more flexible and more valuable solutions for clients.

No-one ever got fired for hiring the well-known corporate’. We’re not so sure. Large well-known brands and excessive day rates count for nothing if solutions delivered to clients are not practically effective and immediately fit for purpose.

What we are sure of is that, increasingly, clients want access to proven industry experts and well-constructed ‘SWAT’ teams, bringing a blend of experience who just ‘get the job done’ efficiently, effectively, pragmatically, without fuss, all at a fair price and with well-contained risk.

Peira is different. Heard it before? We mean it. Our firm is built for the 21st Century from the ground up, embracing agile and remote working, efficient cost structure, and flexible and virtual teaming with some of the best in the industry. Ours is a new model; we don’t have old world baggage to weigh us down.

We’re fully independent and privately owned, meaning that our clients’ interests always come first. Always.

We’re a boutique. That means we’re specialised; our consultants typically each bring at least 20 years of experience in the sector and their field, and we don’t employ generalists.

We’re not an ivory tower firm. With our roots in telecoms engineering, tier one strategy consulting, and complex delivery, we recognise the value of analytical rigour and deep quants work. But strategy is nothing without execution. Therefore, we’ll always work to combine analysis with pragmatism and operational reality, supporting delivery of practical solutions for the real world.

We speak from experience. We’ve worked with some of the largest and smallest in the industry, and many in between: from developing some of the most complex bottom-up cost forecasting models in the industry for tier one telcos and regulators, to design and operational delivery of a major shared access / private 5G solution for a large enterprise, to commercial and tech diligence for investors and altnets, to designing Gigabit wireless link budgets for a rural broadband operator in Yorkshire.

Our value is unparalleled. We are not bound by corporate frameworks, aggressive shareholder demands, excessive administration, and rigid profitability and KPI models. That means our costs are efficient and we’re always at liberty to look for the best consultant and team for the job.

We treat our clients as individuals with important issues to address, never as sales targets.

We are genuinely collaborative. We will consult with you, never at you.

We’ll be straight with you. If we don’t have the right skills and experience to take on your project, we’ll say so. We’d rather recommend another firm in our network than deliver outcomes where you are not completely satisfied.

We don’t operate shiny expensive offices in London, because we don’t need them. We’d rather be on-site and where our clients need us or work remotely where that benefits efficiencies.

We’re well connected. Our established network within the industry allows us to quickly staff up projects with the right experts for the job.

Our rates are sensible and attractive. We don’t have sky-high overheads and we pass the savings on to our clients, fair and square.

We’ve been around a bit and seen a lot: things that work, things that don’t. We bring decades of experience in the industry spanning multiple technologies and numerous industry domains.

We’re focused. We’re dedicated to the telecoms and digital sectors, and we’ve worked across the full industry stack with most technologies. Our expertise runs deep on 5G, wireless, fibre, satellite, data centres, and related digital technologies. Useful, when most of the real world’s networks are built as hybrid systems.

We’ve worked across the full industry lifecycle: from R&D, standards, and emerging tech, to complex financial models, strategy, diligence, and policy, to requirements and service specs for varied verticals, systems design and architecture, process innovation, resilience and security, supplier management and procurement, regulation, and programme delivery and recovery.

Our credentials and our approach are solid.

Our consultants are typically big-4 trained and/or have held senior positions within industry, whilst also having proven themselves with clients and businesses at all levels.

A large part of effective consulting and project solutions in business is with rigorous analysis and numerical or mathematical assessments, underpinned by deep sector knowledge and industry experience. This is especially true in the technology sector. Most of our consultants are professional engineers with proven technical and deep commercial experience.

We use plain English, not consulting jargonese. We won’t hide behind ‘consulting speak’; we don’t need to. We’ll focus on the facts and getting the job done for you.

Carbon Reduction Plan.

We are committed to our Carbon Reduction Plan which details our organisational carbon footprint and confirms our commitment to achieving Net Zero by 2050. We update our Plan annually; the most recent release can be accessed here.